I'm Co-Founder & Engagement Director @ DBP Donut based in Los Angeles & NYC. 

DBP Donut is The Duplass Brothers creative shop creating entertainment-led content for brands bringing an indie sensibility to new audiences.

We've been named by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies of 2019 and are Snap Inc/NBC Universal’s first-ever partner for scripted content.

Welcome to my project portfolio featuring things I've led, things I've said and other highlights.

I have a few professional passions but my number one is social audiences. What makes them tick, what works and what's the hook that makes people want to engage. It's an art, a science and pub argument at the same time.

The gap between what advertisers want to produce and what people want to consume has never been greater and I'm firmly on the side of the audience.

I'm a devotee of what Netflix CEO Reed Hastings calls "Informed intuition." It works.

I was educated at Middlesex University, London (BA Social Policy) & Goldsmiths, University of London (MA Creative Writing) and started my career at the BBC.

LinkedIn does a great job of chronicling the rest.