Social Crisis Management: "Optus Social Media Team Own The Internet With A+ Responses To Haters Of Arabic Language Posters"

The Optus Social Media response team is superb and earlier this year I set them a brand task. On 30th August 2015 I send a team (comprising of a social media crisis manager and a copywriter) to educate them on how to be more human. The idea was simple: Don't deliver any canned responses and don't be afraid to challenge the customer because they aren't always right, be polite but considered and always factual. 

This initially led us to some interesting places but after a few months you could see that the guys had absolutely no fear of the consequences of standing their ground.

We watched and waited, fed back and watched and waited some more...

Never in a million years did I think they would get this kind of stage and opportunity to show exactly how powerful that approach can be.

Facing down bigotry on corporate social media is a complex and nuanced as social gets but when done right...

N.B Dan the charming and considered community manager has become something of a celebrity as a result.