Project 22: Optus x Snapchat - Olympic lens for #FanUpAUS

On August 12 2016 we launched a special Olympic Snapchat lens that turned anybody keen to show their patriotism into the famous Aussie boxing kangaroo. Needless to say, it was ridiculously popular. 

  • Overall, the Lens was played (applied to a user's face) 3.3 Million times with 1.2 million of those being from unique users.
  • The Lens was then viewed (either in a Personal Snap, or on a friend's My Story) 3.8 million times in 48 hours. 1.7 million views were unique. 
  • The total unique’s reached from this campaign was 2.5 Million Snapchat users.
  • One of the best metrics for measuring engagement with Lenses is unique play/use percentage, which compares the number of people who had the "option" of using the Lens to the number of people who actually recorded a Snap with the Lens applied. The benchmark for this number is 10-20%, but this Lens converted 28.83% of users.
  • In monetary terms the lens cost $0.01 per lens created and $0.04 cost per unique user creation.

The reasons this achieved beyond expectations was the lens was fun, extremely culturally relevant and did not bias any gender or specific demographic.