Project 20: Vinnie Jones/Optus x Premier League

In November 2015 Optus won the rights to be the broadcaster of the English Premier League in Australia. This was arguably the greatest shift in over a generation of sports broadcasting in Australia. Telco as rights holder for one of the nations most popular sports was a big deal.

Problem was sports fans and in particular football fans don't like change so on 4th May 2016 when Optus announced it's pricing and delivery platforms for the Premier League all hell broke loose. 

We needed to act fast and released this content in social in the midst of the maelstrom to a) acknowledge the concerns from fans b) kick start our education around our new EPL offering.

This video was watched more than 1m times in 8 days across FB, YT & Twitter Conversational video: An Australian first that allowed us to triage enquiries about our campaign by existing telco provider (example below).