Project 18: Usain Bolt/Optus 'The Relentless Series'

Usain Bolt. The Jamaican rudeboy. Dr Peerless.

With the 2016 Olympics just around the corner, Mr Bolt is getting ready for Rio, but the training schedule of this 200m and 100m record holder is typical of so many brilliant Jamaicans in all fields: He hates getting out of bed but business needs to be handled. The desire to continue to be 'The Man' is greater than the pull of the duvet. It's a daily battle.

Usain Bolt is committed to improving his performance rather like the Optus network guys (stay with me here).

Optus has long suffered with criticism about the quality of its network. 2016 is the year the business decided to have a public declaration on this with Mr Bolt as the face. It's not gonna be easy but admission is the first step towards redemption. 

Brave? Foolhardy? Either way it's gonna be fun. The role of social is to make Usain more than the caricature he becomes in much of his brand work.

Who is he? Why is he so brilliant? The job of 'The Relentless Series' is to find out why.