Project 16: Optus & Uber - UberUMPIRE

On 20th November 2015, I had a meeting at Uber. Optus had just began talks with them about a strategic partnership and I'd gone to find out more about it. It was a Friday 3pm meeting so it quickly descended into a beer-fuelled discussion about fun stuff you could do with Uber. 

A few months previous Optus had signed a deal with Cricket Australia and we were wondering how we could tie Cricket and Uber together. 

How about we deliver 50 Cricket Australia accredited umpires to officiate backyard cricket games across Australia on Australia Day? 3hrs later we agreed to launch UberUMPIRE.

There’s no Aussie pastime more sacred than a summer game of backyard cricket. But like so many great traditions, the official ‘rules’ of this revered sport have long been a cause of debate, testing the patience of well-meaning backyard cricketers across the nation.

We thought it was about time we put a stop to this with the help of legendary Cricket umpire Billy Bowden to launch UberUMPIRE – your very own, real-life, legit, Cricket Umpire on-demand.

Result: 2.2m Australians watched the intro Billy Bowden content in 48hrs.

P.S Why a Kiwi umpire for Australia Day? Test Match rules demand impartiality ; )