Project 10: #BIEBERISLAND social mania

iHeartRadio Australia partnered with Optus and Universal Music to create #bieberisland (aka Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour).

The only way to see this performance was to win your way in and social media went into meltdown as a result.

Before the day of the event had even arrived, #BIEBERISLAND was mentioned more than 6 million times on Twitter. Across the three hour event this morning, almost 100,000 Tweets had Justin’s performances trending and over 4,000 Instagram #BIEBERISLAND posts were shared.

#BIEBERISLAND was the only place to catch Justin performing in Sydney, and fans went to great lengths to catch a glimpse with many private boats circling the island all morning and some super-fans even kayaking to the island for their chance to see the superstar in person.

But those not lucky enough to make it to this special show weren't forgotten and fans can relive the magic. Five videos of Bieber’s performances were released online to ease the pain.