Project 3: Optus Clever Buoy

Australia has four times more fatal shark attacks than any other country. Yet shark defence methods haven’t changed in over 60 years.

Shark nets - 40% of sharks are caught on the beach side of the nets. The trapping of endangered species and entangling of other marine animals such as whales and dolphins is a major issue.

Aerial patrols - A recent government led inquiry revealed they were “expensive and inefficient”. Only one in eight sharks at patrolled beaches are spotted.

Detection by eye - Lifeguards often rely on eyesight, binoculars and those in the water to raise the alarm. In conditions where every second counts.

Shark cull - In 2013/14 the Western Australia government sanctioned the culling of all large sharks, sparking mass protest from the public. Over 170 large sharks were killed.

How could the Optus Network be used to help solve one of Australia’s most controversial problems? One that would not only protect our beach goers but also our sharks.

The project created by M&C Saatchi won 8 Cannes Lions.

The Optus social media component of the project reached 40m people, with 84% positive sentiment featuring in 800 news stories worldwide.